Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Hormones with BioTE® Medical. BioTE® Medical provides bio-identical hormone subcutaneous pellet therapy to help balance hormones in both women and men.

Prieto Medical Center is A Provider 

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Prieto Medical Centers 

Are you ready to take the next step towards healing and experiencing optimal health? 
Prieto Medical Centers is located in the heart of the Cuban Exile, Hialeah Florida only minutes from any other point of Miami Dade, close to the Palmetto expressway and less than a mile away from the Palmetto Hospital. (See Map) 

Suitable for men and women this advance medical treatment is the ideal solution to re-stablish youth energy in your body , bringing forgotten desires and wonderful feelings back into your life.

BioTE @ WFAA's Good Morning Texas - Dr. Gary Donovitz makes a special appearance on WFAA's Good Morning Texas to discuss how BioTE Pellet Therapy can help people across the country meet their new year's resolutions of weight loss and more.

Benefits experienced by our Patients 

  • Increase Energy  & Muscle Strength
  • Greater Ability To Lose Weight
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Feel younger and happy again·
  • Experience an increase quality life
  • Increase sexual desires

BioTE Nutraceuticals

Optimized hormones using bio-identical hormone replacement pellet therapy is supplemented with specially formulated BioTE Nutraceuticals. 

Is bioTE Right for you? 

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, chances are they are a candidate for Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy. 

Before beign Optimized patients complains of

  • Lack of Energy and Fatigue During The Day
  • Difficulty Sleeping At Night 
  • Reduced Mental Focus and Memory 
  • Moody, Anxious or Depressed
  • Weight Gain Including Increase Fat Around Mid Section
  • Inability to Lose Weight Regardless of Healthy Diet and Exercise
  • Decreased Muscle Strength 
  • Muscle and / or Pain 
  • Reduse Sexual Desire and Performance

Prieto Medical Center & Spa 

7600 W 20 Ave , Suite 112
Hialeah , Florida 33016

1 305-557-0000

BioTE Provider In Miami-Dade

Your Certified BioTE Practitioner is Jose A. Prieto

Prieto Medical Spa

We are a medical practice that also offers aesthetic and wellness services to nourish and satisfy healthier happier patients 

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